I get this question a lot about Prelude Home. How are we different from the other organizations? In some ways, we are remarkably similar in wanting to help women in need but the women we are serving are not able to find as many resources. These women do not have children who are minors, are not abused, coming out of jail or rehab. There are wonderful local agencies/organizations helping those women.  Let’s explore the Prelude Home difference.

Who comes to Prelude Home?

The women coming to Prelude Home could be your:

They have found themselves homeless from either loss of income, divorce, widowhood and/or low income.  Maybe they had been the live-in caregiver for their parents and now that home had to be sold to pay bills. Homelessness has many faces, and this group is considered the hidden homeless because they couch surf (move between friends or family homes) or live in their car.

They have always been the ones helping others but now find themselves needing help with safe affordable housing, new job skills, mentoring, and a listening ear. Some are embarrassed, ashamed, scared, and usually the last on the long list to receive help from other agencies, through no fault of their own. These women are in the fastest-growing group of the homeless, globally. Baby boomers are the largest group getting divorced and out of that group those age 65 and older are the largest group.

First-hand experience

I found this out first-hand when I was going through my divorce after a 28-year marriage. Affordable housing, job training, or mentoring that I could afford was not easy to find. I was a lucky one who had family and friends who let me stay with them for the first year until my divorce was final and I was able to get some money to get my own place. I was considered a couch surfer.

At Prelude Home we are not a shelter, these women can live for up to two years with income-based shared affordable rent while learning new job skills, receiving mentoring, and a listening ear. Sharing their gifts and talents with the other women of the house will be a wonderful healing opportunity for them. Each woman moving in will meet with a counselor to see what their needs are and to set up an individual plan to set them on the path for independence. They will meet with that counselor several times a year to see how they are meeting their goals and change them if needed. We have partnered with Individuals, Greater Brighton Chamber of Commerce, and Love Inc for mentoring and classes for these women to become confident self-sufficient women of their community again.

Please join us in helping these women by volunteering or making a donation.