The irony of it.

Many women hold weight after childbirth. Some women gain weight after menopause. Some women simply gain weight. We try to diet and loose the weight, but for some reason, we cannot get rid of it. Until we become single.

All of a sudden, you are single and stressed and BAM! the pounds drop off. Hey! That sounds like a good deal! But, really, it isn’t. Stress weight loss is not only unhealthy, it won’t stay off.

I felt sexy and attractive right after my divorce. I know my face looked lighter and I was carrying myself with more confidence and joy. People commented on how good I looked and certainly noticed the weight loss. I could even tell men were checking me out. What a delightful feeling after dealing with a bad marriage and going through a divorce!

Then I got back into the groove of life and those pounds came back on, and it was depressing. I didn’t feel so sexy or attractive after all.

Have you felt that way?

We really shouldn’t hold our value or level of attractiveness by how much we weigh or look. What we need to focus on is what kind of person we are. Do we spread joy and love others? Do we offer assistance to those in need? Do we straighten the crown of another woman and not tell anyone?.

Any type of weight loss should be healthy – start with detoxing from sugar. That is such a huge substance that zaps our energy and keeps our body in lethargy. Take it slow and be patient.

Focus on being healthy and not skinny…and remove the word “skinny” from your vocabulary. Go for walks and breathe in the fresh air. If walking is hard for you, start with walking one block and build up. Do not try to walk a mile the first time, if it will be hard for you.

That’s my problem…I get motivated to work out or diet and I go “all in” and then crash and burn. I am learning to go slow and to be patient.

Don’t focus on the scale and the number – focus on how you feel.

Hopefully, one day we can all say that we are healthy, happy and at a weight that fits us.

Good luck!