Prelude Home is here to provide a safe, economical income based rent, shared home for the Hidden Homeless single women. Those who find themselves in the life changing situation of Homelessness due to divorce, widowhood, low income, loss of job, ect. We are here to help these women cultivate confidence, build self-esteem, sustain healthy lifestyles, and to live independently. Through mentoring, emotional support, access to local agency services and affordable housing.

Prelude Home is a Christian-based Independent non-profit, which means that we receive Zero money from any federal or state government agency. We can only survive with the generous loving donations we receive from our Individual donors and members of our community. It is our steadfast donors, volunteers, board members, and staff who enable us to provide this safe, loving, empowering home to those in need.

Building a strong community by empowering our residents to be confident, independent, and productive women is Prelude Home’s mission.

The symbol of the Dogwood Tree

The Dogwood tree is said to be the wood used for the crucifixion of Jesus. God said he would never let the Dogwood tree grow tall enough for another crucifixion. So now the dogwood is a small tree that blooms in the spring.

It has 4 petals in the shape of a cross with a piercing on each petal and a center crown, all representing Jesus on the cross. It is a sign of hope for all of us to remember what Jesus did for us on that cross.

Many women who find them in the crisis of homelessness feel they are being crucified, Prelude Home’s logo is to give them hope of a better future. Prelude means beginning and the Dogwood tree represents hope.

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Application forms will be available once we have secured funding for a home.  

If you have any questions, please call us at Prelude Home

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